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Wish Wrap

Wish Wrap® creator, Karen Thompson, believes in the power of writing down wishes, dreams and goals.

Karen, a successful entrepreneur, would often discover scraps of paper with an idea or goal she had jotted down stuffed in her pocket. The realization that the simple act of writing things down was her first step in setting and achieving her goals, Karen was inspired to create the Wish Wrap®.

Karen’s hope is to inspire women to “think big”. The Wish Wrap® features a Wish Pocket™, a patent pending pocket within a pocket design, and includes a Wish Card on which to write down wishes and dreams. Each Wish Wrap® color is associated with an inspiration or intention. The super soft, cozy wrap is an affordable luxury to wear at home or out on the go.

The Wish Wrap® was introduced in 2008 as a “best seller” item in Karen’s retail shops along with select distribution to specialty boutiques.

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