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Giving Back to Healthcare Heroes

In April of 2020, Karen Thompson – creator and founder of the Wish Wrap® – and her team sprung to action and took on their largest philanthropic endeavor ever; they called it OPERATION: Thank You.

Moved by the dedication of the healthcare professionals fighting COVID-19, Thompson wanted to express her appreciation and admiration. Thompson felt the enormity of the crisis and wanted to show her gratitude to as many people as possible. The answer, she realized, lay in a warehouse in New Jersey.

Thompson, herself, a small business owner impacted by the non-essential business closures, created the Wish Wrap® to inspire women to dream big and reach their goals. Thompson decided to give away over 7,000 Wish Wraps® to healthcare professionals from New York all the way to Florida. “We care about our communities and everyone in them,” said Thompson. “They need to know they are appreciated. It was our way of offering a ‘distant hug’ and a heartfelt ‘thank you.’ In a time filled with so much uncertainty, there was one thing I was certain of – I can make a difference.”

OPERATION: Thank You made such a positive impact in communities across the country that Thompson decided to continue its mission. Today, for every Wish Wrap® purchased, one is donated to a regional healthcare professional. Thompson’s goal is to reach all 50 states with Wish Wrap® donations.

Doylestown Hospital
Doylestown PA

Thank you so much for your generosity in donating the 'oh so comfy wraps! The outpouring of support from our local community has been overwhelming and is so appreciated.

Enjoy today and Be safe,

Message: I am one of the healthcare workers
at Doylestown hospital who recently received a Wishwrap. How thoughtful of you to think of us as we work during very unusual times.. I really appreciate your generosity. I've worn the wrap every night, it's so warm and cozy. But what really makes it special is knowing that someone is thinking of us and appreciating all our efforts. Thank you again for your kindness.

Cape Regional Health System
Cape May Court House  NJ 

The Team loves the wraps!!!!
​We are truly blessed with such great community support.

Hi my name is Maryellen,
I work at Cape Regional Medical Center... I want to say thank you for the beautiful purple  wish wrap... being put to good use already...
one of my favorite stores in Cape May... I will be shopping and supporting
the local businesses soon...

Thank you for thinking of us,

St Mary Medical Center
Langhorne  PA 

Subject: St Mary wrap donation

Message: Hi,
I'm one of the nurses from St Mary Medical Center who received
your wish wrap. I wanted to say thank you so much! You are so
generous and thoughtful! I got the Rosemary Green and I LOVE IT!

All the best,
Jennifer - (Operating Room)

Morristown Medical Center
Morristown  NJ

Message: I am not sure who to thank but we received our delivery of
the wish wraps today. What a thoughtful gift to give to a staff that is working so hard night and day to take care of so many sick people. I have worked in this ED for thirty years and have been a nurse for forty.
I do not think I have ever seen such a outpouring of caring and generosity from the community as I have seen over the last 6 weeks. Thank you so much. I have placed my wish in my pocket. I am hoping
it comes true. The wrap is so soft and pretty. I selected the Moonstone Grey... Love it and will wear it and think of all the generous people
that make all these gifts and wishes possible.

Thank you again. With sincere thanks and gratitude,
Charlene Welsh :)

Penn Presbyterian Medical Center
Philadelphia PA

Message: Dear special people,

I can't thank you enough for my Beautiful WRAP!! I work/worked in the Penn Presby tent and received one today along with my team. It was beautiful and I am so grateful for the love and appreciation!! Everyone was so happy and we talked about how we would shower when we got home and relax in it the rest of the evening!! I am a nurse practitioner. I hate to ask this of you but my daughter fell in love with it when I came home. May I please purchase one for her. She has been so supportive to me during this time. She is 22 and a Drexel student in her fourth of five years.

With much appreciation

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