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Wish Wraps® include a wish card to write down your wish or intention. Write your wish on the wish card Tuck it into your Wish Pocket™ patent pending

  • Wish it.

  • Dream it.

  • Make it happen!

What’s your wish?

"My daughter-in-law hosted a Super Bowl family gathering last year. I bought her one of your Eagles Wish Wraps as a hostess gift. She loved it and immediately wrote her wish on the card and placed it in the pocket. The rest is history as her wish came true and the EAGLES 🦅 finally brought home a Super Bowl victory!!" -Eileen F. 

"My wish wrap is the perfect gift for anyone! It's super soft and the pockets are perfect to hold your phone or remote control. I'm constantly searching for it in the winter months or when any member of my family is sick. I've even given to nursing mothers as a gift and they absolutely love it! I can't recommend it highly enough!"


"I absolutely love the Aqua Wish Wrap! It is so super cozy and warm! It's beautifully made and the color is rich and vibrant! One of my best Amazon purchases ever!"

~J. Smith

"I love the wrap so much – not just because it is soft and warm but because of what it represents. It symbolizes every woman’s power to dream (and dream big!)"
~ Michelle O.

"Love it! So soft and full! Perfect for keeping my shoulders warm at night. I bought one of these on a vacation in Cape May and wished I bought more than one, since I use it every night. Then I tried other brands on Amazon which cost less, expecting something similar. The others were thin and the material was of no comparison. So I spent the extra money to buy myself a second [wish wrap] from Amazon."


"The wrap is my favorite color.  The day it arrived my husband got an offer for the job he had hoped for.  How’s that for fast wishes!"

~ M.N. 

Just found this in the pocket of Mom-Mom’s wish wrap.

“God bless my kids and keep them healthy and safe. I love them so”When my mother-in-law passed away, my daughter took her wish wrap.  She has been wearing it and just happened to put her hand in the pocket today and this is what she found:-)
~ K.S.

"Love these wraps! I have three of them! They are soft, warm and easy to care for!"


"I love to snuggle up at night and now, thanks to you, I will be wrapped in luxury."
~ Kathe N.
"I gave the wrap to a friend who lost her mother just a few short months ago. It helps to bring back that “warm” feeling."
~ Angie
"I love my wrap. My children, ages 9 and 4 are always wanting me to wrap them up in it too. A great bonus!"
~ Debbie
"Love the comfiness. All I wish is to PRESENT…. I will put this on my Wish Card."
~ Kell
"The wrap made me smile! I haven’t made my wish yet – but I will let you know."
~ Bev Y.

"I just wanted to let you know that the recipient of the Wish Wrap I purchased was thrilled with it. She put it on as soon as she opened the package and wore it all evening. Her partner said she had never seen her so happy with a gift! She described it as a big, warm, fuzzy hug. I have given these as gifts to other women who had serious health problems and they all love them. What a wonderful product, and I am so glad that I stumbled across them at Peddler's Village!" - Kathleen L.

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