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Wish Wrap 

Wish.. Dream.. Realize

What is a Wish Wrap?

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Wish Card

Write your wish Truck it

into your Wish Pocket

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Wish Pocket™

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Super Plushy Wash

One Size

Fits Everyone


The Wish Wrap® is a luxuriously soft, cozy, super plushy wash, one-size fits all wrap to wear at home or our on the go. It comes in nine beautiful colors - each representing a different inspiration or intention. The Wish Wrap® comes with a  Wish Pocket™ and Wish Card for you to write down your wishes and dreams.

What is a Wish Wrap?

wish wrap image_edited.png

One Size Fits All

Wish Card & Wish Pocket

Super Plushy Wash

The color of each Wish Wrap® represents a different inspiration or intention.
Find the color that resonates with you. 


Seaglass Aqua Blue


Reflect on experience. Discover clarity

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Your Purchase

Gives Back to

Healthcare Heroes.

For each Wish Wrap® purchased, one is donated to a regional healthcare professional.

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